Time Management

Time management is crucial to studying effectively. It can be divided into two components, namely planning your time and using your time effectively.

Part 1: Planning Time

  • Compile a list of what you have to do, how long each task will take, and when it must be completed
  • Insert deadline dates in a diary or on a wall planner, and insert deadline warnings at appropriate earlier points
  • Insert other commitments (e.g., lectures, paid employment etc.)
  • Begin allocating your time to other demands of the course (e.g., reading, writing coursework): be realistic in what you can achieve, and don’t, for example, plan to do something demanding immediately after paid employment when you will likely be feeling tired
  • Begin each day by reviewing what must be completed


Part 2: Using Time Effectively

  • Ensure that the task you are about to start can be achieved in the time available, and otherwise break it down into smaller, achievable tasks with their own clear end point
  • Start with the tasks that you will enjoy least
  • Avoid extended periods on the same task, which will reduce productivity
  • Regularly review progress relative to objectives
  • Stop as soon as you have achieved your target
  • If you identify an obstacle to effective use of time then actively try to overcome it: for example, if your normal working environment is too loud then move somewhere quieter


Topic: Management Tips