Monday Morning Rituals to completely change your Mondays

It’s Monday Morning!  You are well-rested from the weekend, you are prepared and no doubt excited to tackle the challenges of the week (that’s right-no grumpy-cat persona shall grace this desk today).

You want to ensure that your day and the week ahead is productive and that the mountain of work diminishes by weekend.  Ambitious indeed, but it can be done. With the right approach, Mondays can set the tone for a super-productive week

How do you prevent Monday from being a buzzkill?  Here are our top five Monday Morning Rituals.

  1. Dress for Success-

Wear your best and favourite outfits on a Monday. This will help build your confidence, and your outlook for the day. If you feel like a confident, savvy, powerful woman or an ambitious, successful, powerful man- you’ll work like you feel.

  1. Find a Monday Morning Mantra-

The key to a productive week is to start with a positive energy.  Remove all the “I hate Monday” thoughts by finding an encouraging thought online or watching a 15 min inspirational video. Then when the day’s challenges seem overwhelming- Say your mantra out loud (or in your head).

If it is possible, create a small thought board perhaps using the back of an old calendar. Add your Monday Morning Mantra’s with colourful sticky notes/pens.  It will be an awesome reminder for the rest of your week.

  1. Establish your achievements for the week

Outline those things that must be achieved this week, and the people you will need to assist you achieve these goals.  Then outline the top five things you want to achieve today. The next step would be the set-up times you can meet with those people to discuss the way forward to completing these items.

  1. Answer only urgent emails

Many of us try to tackle email pile-up on Monday morning and before you know it- it is midday, and our to-do-list has not been touched.

It’s time to re-strategize.

Answer only those emails that require immediate action. Then schedule time before you leave to tackle the rest (even if it requires an extra 5 mins after work)

  1. Tackle the day with gusto! –

Don’t wait till your brain slows down to start those top five items. Dive right in with enthusiasm, and tick those items off as you go.

Before you know it Monday will be over, but we hope that adopting your own Monday rituals will help you achieve more and leave the day feeling accomplished and confident.

Let us know if you have any Monday rituals of your own.