Succeeding in the digital world and being able to stand out from the crowd is not just a case of setting up some social media accounts, creating a website and hoping for the best.   You need a unique on-line presence that will get attention from your customers.   Your online digital persona tells the rest of the world who you are, what you stand for and what makes you different from competitors.   Having a memorable digital persona that resonates with your target audience will help you attract the type of customers that you want and help ensure that you can maximise your sales.


Your digital persona will continuously evolve and should consciously reflect the personality of your business and brand. This personality should come out in a consistent way so that it becomes familiar to your future and current customers.

The ABE “Essentials of Digital Marketing” course at B&B covers three easy steps that you can follow to create the right online digital persona.  Here they are:

Ask your customers how they view your business

Randomly call customers and ask them what is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about you.    You should conduct regular focus groups or online surveys using free tools like Survey Monkey to keep you informed about what your customers think.

Remember that on-line surveys have a notoriously low response rate, so include a positive “Word-Of-Mouth” offer like a free coupon to encourage participation.

You should encourage your customers to keep their responses to as few words as possible – just one would be great!

Use the customer insights to start building your “brand archtype”

Memorable businesses have a style that is symbolic of your brand in the mind of customers – what do you think of when you hear of brands such as “Nike”, “Digicel” or “Facebook”?    This style or symbol is called a brand archtype.


You should start defining a business persona by identifying which of the standard 12 marketing/brand archetypes most closely aligns with your business.   The keywords you have gathered will guide the identification of your brand archetype. Knowing your brand archetype then helps you to better understand your business and how it should be marketed.

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