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Want to move up the career ladder and earn more income?  Tired of being over-looked for promotion because of a lack of qualifications?  Want to know how to work “smarter” and reduce the time you spend in your business while increasing its profits?  Want to be more efficient and effective in your job and get greater recognition for your efforts?

Register NOW for the Project Management course that beats the rest.  Master the techniques to use to ensure project cost, time and quality targets are met and increase your value and earning-power!

Key Facts

Start Date:  September
Programme Length:  3 Months
Accrediation: Ofqual (www.ofqual.gov.uk), the official government regulator of tertiary qualifications in the United Kingdom
Topics covered: Understanding the project life cycle, Creating an effective project plan, Resource-based project budgets, Tracking and controlling live projects

Some Of The Many Things You Will Learn

  • How to develop project plans and track and improve project progress
  • How to create the business case for a project
  • How to identify major stakeholders and manage the relationship with stakeholders
  • How to construct network diagrams and apply critical path analysis to determine the key project parameters
  • How to identify the resources needed for a project and estimate project budgets
  • How to calculate the difference between planned and actual performance
  • How to identify, manage and control the risks that may cause the project to be less successful than intended
  • How to ensure effective communication among the project team and get persons working together


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