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Employers today are looking for people with commercial awareness and a ‘can do’ attitude, together with skills and behaviours that will enable them to quickly become part of an effective team and add value to the organisation. Despite your education levels and technical skills, making the transition from school to work can be difficult because of the changes in approach and attitude that are needed to become a top performer in the office. The ABE Certificate in Employability Skills is focused on preparing you to be work-ready by developing your  awareness of what employers require and look for. This will then help you increase your chance of getting the job that’s right for you.


Key Facts

Start Date February
Programme Length: 3 months
Accreditation  Internationally and Locally
Programme Availability: Register Now
Description: This course introduces you to the key skills, behaviours, and ttitudes you need to demonstrate in order to be ‘employable’, and how to develop them if they are missing, through self-development and/or other learning, development and improvement opportunities

How you will benefit

  • Develop your understanding of why employers want people with abilities in addition to qualifications and/or experience.
  • Know how to assess your own skill set and find the gap between your current set of employability skills and what is required for specific positions
  • Identify opportunities to develop skills and enhance your experience
  • Develop Personal Development Plans for ongoing growth
  • Be able to complete a job application and prepare for an interview based on your skillset
  • Become more attractive to employers by increasing your ability to contribute to the success of the business
  • Be able to develop personal improvement plans designed to increase your value to employers, as well as write effective resumes and conduct winning interviews


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