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What is this about?

Want to increase sales dramatically? Tired of spending money on internet ads that don’t seem to work? Need to widen your business skills or increase your job security? Weary of the promises from your marketing staff that never seem to come true?  Learn how to develop a winning Digital Marketing strategy and watch your efforts finally start to pay off!

Key Facts

Start Date  March and September
Programme Length:  3 Months
Accreditation: Ofqual (www.ofqual.gov.uk), the official government regulator of tertiary qualifications in the United Kingdom
Topics Covered: The changing nature of the digital consumer, Opportunities for digital innovation, Big data and contemporary developments, Implementing the digital marketing strategy

So me Of The Many Things You Will Learn

  • How to assess the changing nature of digital consumers
  • How to identify the drivers behind a successful digital marketing strategy
  • How to determine the elements of the digital marketing mix
  • How to assess digital opportunities and identify strategic options that will benefit your firm
  • How to implement and monitor digital marketing strategies using appropriate techniques
  • How to use big data and agile marketing to improve the return on investment of marketing strategy
  • How to develop and monitor Minimum Viable Marketing standards


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Mr N Komer of Better Now Finance talks about how ABE helped him in his successful academic and business career


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