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Want to be seen as an expert in verifying that an organisation’s information technology systems and information assets are properly controlled, monitored, and assessed? Want to be the one that management relies on for assurance that the IT system is working properly and is delivering value-for-money? Then the CISA professional certification in IT auditing is for you! The Certified Information Systems Auditor is a professional qualification that combines knowledge of information systems with risk assessment and control principles. The CISA is not a technical IT qualification. Rather, it focuses on the skills needed to monitor, review and evaluate the management, control, security and logical framework of the IT systems so as to ensure that they are providing value-for-money to the organisation. Pass the CISA exam with our CISA exam-review programme featuring face-to-face classes, hard-copy study manuals from ISACA and interactive Q&A sessions featuring over 1,000 practice questions!

Key Facts

Start Date January, May and September
Programme Length: 3 Months
Topics Covered: The IT Audit Process; Governance and management of IT; Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation; Information Systems Operation, Maintenance and Support; Protection of Information Assets

Some Of The Many Things You Will Learn

  • How to implement and assess IT Governance standards and review the organisation structure, policies, accountability, mechanisms, and monitoring practices in place to achieve IT corporate governance requirements
  • “Best practice” management practices for the development/acquisition, testing, implementation, maintenance, and disposal of systems and infrastructure meet the organization’s objectives
  • How to ensure the business continuity and disaster recovery processes will ensure the timely resumption of IT services while minimizing the business impact.
  • IT service management practices that will ensure the delivery of the level of services required to meet the organization’s objectives
  • How to provide assurance that the security architecture (policies, standards, procedures, and controls) ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.


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Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification holders discuss the professional benefits of earning and maintaining their CISA certification.


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