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Ready to start achieving your goals?  Why hold yourself back with limited MBA programmes that don’t teach you what you need to know to get ahead?  Go beyond your comfort-zone.  Get the well-rounded exposure in key business areas with an affordable and flexible “ blended learning” (ie: on-line tuition with classroom support) MBA that gives you the confidence to make your mark in the world!

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Key Facts

Start Date: January and July
Programme Length: 1-7 years. Length depends on how many courses you register for each semester
Accreditation: Local and international accreditation bodies, including the University Council of Jamaica
Courses: You must do 7 core courses (Organisational Behaviour, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Project Management, Finance, Strategic Planning) plus you choose any 2 from the 34 elective courses in the Marketing, Strategic Planning, Finance, or HRM specialisms

Some Of The Many Things You Will Learn

  • How to become more efficient and effective in the projects you tackle
  • How to develop and implement a comprehensive business improvement plan
  • How to get persons working together and turn work-teams into star performers
  • How to make your business the preferred choice of customers and grow revenue exponentially
  • How to identify and overcome barriers to the development of the business
  • How to effectively manage scarce resources
  • How to make the most out of a challenging business environment
  • How to estimate financial performance and manage resource-flows to achieve the growth of your business
  • How to identify cost-saving opportunities, improve the bottom-line and achieve sustainable development

How to improve customer satisfaction and win new customers for your business


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Graduates of Edinburgh Business School who attended its graduation ceremony, give their reasons and thoughts on choosing Edinburgh Business School and its programmes of study.


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