Congratulations! You have survived fifth form thus far, but now it’s May.

For those of you who attend traditional high schools, poi trees have started to blossom …

Some of us are confident and ready to face those exams; some of us- not so ready.

That’s ok, there is still a little time left; and to help you prepare we have some tips to help you face those business examinations.

  1. Immerse the concepts into real life situations-

By now, you possibly would have covered majority of the concepts but are still not clear on some. Find someone who can help you relate the concepts to real life situations, this will help you to remember and be able to explain the concept. This will be particularly helpful for Economics and Principles of Business

  1. Practice past paper questions

Thoroughly practice responding to past paper questions and use the opportunity to match the responses to those in your textbook. Not only will this give you a chance to practice responding but you may just see one or two of those questions you practiced. This is also helpful for Accounts, where you have to practice formulas and outlines.

  1. Play on your strengths, firm up your weaknesses.

Some of the examinations offer optional questions, especially Math, English and Accounts. If there is a particular concept that is offered as an optional question, determine whether it is one that you are a good at. If it is, then focus your preparation there, if not, then practice, practice, practice and practice!

  1. Get enough sleep and eat well

This cannot be anymore stressed. There is no need to make a zombie of yourself before examinations end. We don’t want you to crash in the middle! Schedule time to sleep or relax and eat especially well during May and June.

We hope these were helpful, All the very best in your upcoming examinations!