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Want to lead an organisation and chart its path to new heights?  Want to start your own business and develop your ability to successfully reach ambitious goals?   The MBA with specialism in Strategic Planning is for you if you want to be the decision-maker that takes the organisation forward.

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Key Facts

Start Date: January and July
Programme Length: 1-7 years. Length depends on how many courses you register for each semester
Accreditation: Local and international accreditation bodies, including the University Council of Jamaica
Courses: Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Risk Management, Competitive Strategy, Making Strategies Work,  Organisational Behaviour, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Project Management, Finance

Some Of The Many Things You Will Learn


  • How to see the broad picture of the issues that affect the business and connect the dots that lead to success
  • How to improve the competitive position of your business by using your strategic capabilities to exploit your strategic assets
  • How to identify and correct weaknesses in the value chain of your business
  • How to enter new markets successfully
  • How to identify and exploit the critical success factors that lead to the success of your strategic plans
  • How to maximise the potential of inprganic growth opportunities
  • How to identify avenues for organic growth and align your business to tap into the drivers of growth


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Graduates of Edinburgh Business School who attended its graduation ceremony, give their reasons and thoughts on choosing Edinburgh Business School.



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