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What is this about?

Want to know how to encourage increased employee enthusiasm and commitment to the organisation?  Want your team to perform at a higher level and bring more passion and interest to their job?  Want your employees to be more innovative, productive and give better customer service?   Then register for the Employee Engagement course that will transform performance!

Key Facts

Start Date February  and August
Programme Length: 3 Months
Accreditation Ofqual (www.ofqual.gov.uk), the official government regulator of tertiary qualifications in the United Kingdom
Topics Covered: Understanding employee engagement, The impact of Engagement, Employee engagement and reward, Developing employee engagement strategies

Some Of The Many Things You Will Learn

  • How to analyse the levels of engagement in the firm and determine the barriers and enablers to increased engagement for specific employees
  • How to appraise the link between organisational measures and engagement outcomes
  • How to assess the extent to which engagement strategies impact organisational success & employee growth
  • How to develop and implement an effective engagement strategy
  • How to identify and overcome the barriers to effective engagement strategies


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