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2 steps to create your brand persona


Succeeding in the digital world and being able to stand out from the crowd is not just a case of setting up some social media accounts, creating a website and hoping for the best.   You need a unique on-line presence that will get attention from your customers.   Your online digital persona tells the rest [...]

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3 ways to use economic principles to become a better manager


Think that Economics is just abstract theories that can’t be used to improve the business?  Think again!    At its core, Economics is all about the actions that must be done to get as much as possible from scarce resources.   That’s called being efficient and effective – concepts that managers focus on every day.   In [...]

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5 tips to increase engagement from Society for Human Resource Management


Did you know that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work?  Or that 79% of workers feel that they are not managed in a motivating way? Those numbers by Gallup Polls ( translate into more than just a shortage of smiles around the lunchroom.  Engagement correlates with productivity, customer service and profitability.  [...]

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5 Ways to Manage Millenials Effectivelyfor HR Management


Millennials.   Generation Me.  Individuals born in the 80’s and 90’s whose attitude and approach to life was shaped by a world moving into the digital age.   There’s a lot of stereotypes about how challenging it is to manage Millennials.  But are the complaints really true, or is it that a “one size fits all” [...]

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6 Ways to Reduce Budget Over-Runs on Project Costs


Budget overruns are a common occurrence in projects large and small.   But does it always have to be so?   Here’s six things that a project manager can do to minimise the level of cost-overruns on projects.     Planning is the most essential component of project management and the biggest weapon against cost [...]

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Post Graduate Scholarship


Apply now for the 2016 B&B University College MBA scholarship to be one of two (2) lucky recipients to fund HALF (1/2) of the entire cost of the programme! Eligibility: Applicants must have applied and accepted into the Edinburgh Business School’s MBA programme.  Awardees will be selected for the scholarship based on: Display of outstanding academic performance in [...]

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Jonnell Whervin- “Straight A Professional”


Jonnell Whervin, student pursuing Heriot-Watt’s MSc in Construction Project Management Programme offered through the B&B University College, was presented on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 with the award- MSc Student of year. Jonnell gained the admiration and respect of the administration at the college because of her consistent straight A performance after examinations, despite juggling a demanding [...]

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Preparing for my Business CSECS


Congratulations! You have survived fifth form thus far, but now it’s May. For those of you who attend traditional high schools, poi trees have started to blossom … Some of us are confident and ready to face those exams; some of us- not so ready. That’s ok, there is still a little time left; and [...]

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Monday Morning Rituals to completely change your Mondays


It’s Monday Morning!  You are well-rested from the weekend, you are prepared and no doubt excited to tackle the challenges of the week (that’s right-no grumpy-cat persona shall grace this desk today). You want to ensure that your day and the week ahead is productive and that the mountain of work diminishes by weekend.  Ambitious indeed, [...]

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Student Reflection: Project Homestead Place of Safety


The B&B University College ABE Student Union body of 2015-2016, planned a charity project for the Homestead Place of Safety in Stony Hill, St. Andrew. After months of unforeseen circumstances which lead to subsequent delays, the project was finally held on April 2, 2016. A total of five (5) of the eight (8) members of [...]

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