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What is this about?

Want to transform the organisation from the bottom-up? Want to know what makes the organisation succeed and pull the strings that cause performance to sky-rocket? The MBA with specialism in Human Resource Management is for you if you see the importance of people assets in organisational growth and want to help them transform into the core of future growth


Key Facts

Start Date: January and July
Programme Length: : 1-7 years. Length depends on how many courses you register for each semester
Accreditation: Local and international accreditation bodies, including the University Council of Jamaica
Courses: Managing People in Changing Contexts, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Developing Effective Managers and Leaders, Managing Personal Competencies, Organisational Behaviour, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Project Management, Finance



Some Of The Many Things You Will Learn


  • How to facilitate the continuous improvement of the business
  • How to leverage organisational change for innovation and growth
  • How to reduce employee turnover while increasing engagement and the positive contributions of staff
  • How to improve communication and align employee performance with the strategic direction of the business
  • How to enhance products and services with a more focused and motivated workforce
  • How to identify development needs and help persons reach their full potential
  • How to improve the bottom-line profit of the business by increasing the productivity and efficiency of staff


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