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What is this about?

Corporate finance. Wealth management. Investment banking. Securities trading. If the high-flying world of finance has always attracted you, the MBA with specialism in Financial Management is just the ride you need to take you to the top in the business! Know how to become the steward of the financial resources and how to utilise them to facilitate business growth and development.[sg_popup id=1]

Key Facts

Start Date: January and July
Programme Length: 1-7 years. Length depends on how many courses you register for each semester
Accreditation: Local and international accreditation bodies, including the University Council of Jamaica
Courses: Financial Risk Management, Financial Markets, Credit Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, Organisational Behaviour, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Project Management, Finance

Some Of The Many Things You Will Learn

  • How to plan the flow of resources so as to facilitate sustainable growth in the business
  • How to develop and implement policies and initiatives that protect the viability of the organisation
  • Identify and manage the financial risks that threaten the achievement of business goals
  • How to identify trends in financial data and develop strategic responses that fosters a profitable operation
  • How to forecast, manage and control costs that may negatively affect the bottom line
  • How to value expansion opportunities and take advantage of environmental conditions that favour the business
  • How to achieve greater efficiency in operations and improve the competitive position of the business
  • How to build accurate financial plans and projections that result in the securing of financing to exploit expansion opportunities


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