Joni-Gaye Cawley, H.R. Officer, GraceKennedy Financial Group Ltd. participated in the SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) certification course this year. Here she tells us about her experience. In a world of unrelenting competition, the SPHR certification is essential for anyone who is serious about a profession in HR.

At first I was apprehensive, wondering if I was really able to attain such a prestigious qualification, however I was determined to put in the hard work necessary and it has paid off.  I now have greater respect from my peers and a heightened sense of self esteem and confidence. Having the SPHR credentials increases your value to any organization; it shows that you have gained mastery of the body of HR knowledge.

I am happy that I chose to attend the classes and participate in the class discussions at B & B.  The tutor was very knowledgeable, approachable and encouraged his students to excel.  I would encourage everyone interested in HR to pursue the SPHR with the help of the revision classes offered by B & B.


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