Certified Administrative Professional

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The Certified Administrative Professional examination, which is offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals is aimed at developing the management and analytical skills of persons working in an administrative function.  The CAP assesses the ability to understand and apply the core management principles necessary for the proper coordination of a workplace. Please visit this site for more information on external registration: http://www.iaap-hq.org/ certification

Our CAP programme lasts for 8 months and starts on the 1th of March for the November 2011 exams.  


1.    Communication

2.    Organization and Planning

3.    Information Distribution

4.    Records Management

5.    Physical & Information Resources

6.    Document Production

7.    Financial Functions

8.    Human Resources

Entry Requirement

~Applicants with no college degree will need four years of verified administrative experience;

~Applicants with an associate degree will need three years of verified administrative experience;

~ Applicants with an undergraduate degree will need two years of verified experience.

All experience must be within the past fifteen years, and must include twelve months continuous with one employer within the past five years.

All experience requirements must be met prior to applying for approval to take the CAP exam.

Why should you do this programme?

The programme is a great progression tools to senior management.   Persons with 4 CXC passes and 4 years administrative experience may obtain the CAP-OM qualification within 8 months.  You can then use the CAP to gain entry to a globally-recognised and respected BA degree programme from Heriot-Watt University (one of the top universities in the UK) available at B&B.  You can visit this link for more info on the 5 HWU Degrees we offer: http://www.sml.hw.ac.uk/hwmp/programmes.html.   You may also want to visit http://www.qaa.ac.uk/reviews/reports/institutional/HeriotWatt06/contents.asp to see the latest review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education’s (the national body charged with regulating the academic standards and quality of higher education in the UK) latest report on their assessment of HWU’s academic standards and systems (to summarise, HWU passed all tests and received the highest rating level from the QAA).

You would receive an exemption from the Management module of the Heriot-Watt programme – thereby reducing the time and cost of this programme.   After finishing the HWU degree in about three years, you can then pursue a MBA from Edinburgh Business School (the graduate school of business of HWU – see www.ebsglobal.net at B&B for another two years.  That would mean that within 5 years, you would have three well-respected, accredited and recognised international qualifications and would be well placed to obtain a top job either locally or overseas.