PD Dinner for Pre- University Students

B&B University College Ltd. Hosts Personal Development Dinner for Pre- University Students

collageEmployability or ‘soft skills’ are the foundation of one’s career building blocks. However, these are frequently referenced in the media as lacking in school-leavers, graduates and those already in employment.  Organizations spend a lot of time and money training staff, not in job specific areas but in general and basic skills. Hence, in times of high unemployment employers have more choice of applicants and will favour those with well-rounded employability skills.

The development of any student should stretch beyond their academic capacity. It is based on this premise that B&B University College in its quest to improve the employability of its students has added a Personal Development Programme to their internationally recognized English based qualification, the ABE Diploma Level IV for its pre – university students.

This programme allows students to use practical skills which include proper poise and posture, research, public speaking, grooming and etiquette and fundamental business formalities in developing their interpersonal and social skills. This is in addition to the academics (Intro to Business, Intro to Business Communication, Quantitative Methods and Intro to Accounts or Management Information System/Accounting) which will enable them to become more functional and productive Jamaican citizens.

The final component of the Personal Development Programme culminated in a grand dinner hosted under the theme: Radical Men and Women of the Future.The dinner, held at the Courtleigh Hotel on Thursday May 9, 2013 was where the students demonstrated all they had learnt in the classroom. Each student was required to give a speech on various topics such as “Teamwork, Empowerment, Professionalism, Motivation and the importance of professional Certification to name a few.  

The guest speaker, Mrs. Dorrset Gabbidon – Pottinger charged the students to become the catalyst for change in Jamaica. She emphasized the need for young people to examine the “self” and to make Personal Development a vital part of their growth, maturity, success and fulfillment.

In the business world (locally and internationally), good business etiquette and adequate PD skills have become valuable skill-set which will allow individuals to stand out in a dwindling job market and will enhance their chances at success and help them get that dream job.

B&B University College Ltd.  located at 15 Carlton Crescent is a private, tertiary-level institution that continues to provide quality educational solutions at global standards. The institution will continue to reinforce its emphasis on nation building, student empowerment and personal development in its core areas, finance, accounting, human resource management and business psychology.

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