Strategic Negotiation

Strategic Negotiation 2018-01-09T18:12:24+05:30

The focus of Strategic Negotiation is on the generation and implementation of negotiation strategy. Strategy is not a series of axioms to be rote learned; it is about the application of thoughtful analysis to real-world problems. Strategic Negotiation follows this advice into the implementation phase of strategy and is organised around case examples to demonstrate the application of the concepts from its process model to the real world. The cases are drawn from consultancy work in various industries and business situations and they also draw upon the work of colleagues who have demonstrated competence in this field.

The case subjects in this text, and others included in the online materials, illustrate the application of the core concepts. They provide a framework for your understanding of the strategic negotiation process and for your application of the process to general situations.

Topics covered

  • The strategic negotiation process model.
  • Basics of contracts.
  • Pay, benefits and union negotiations.
  • Managing complex negotiations.
  • Organisational growth strategies.
  • Bid strategies and tender negotiations.
  • Analysis and diagnosis.
  • The negotiation agenda.