Principles of Retailing

Principles of Retailing 2018-01-09T18:12:24+05:30

The Principles of Retailing course considers how retailers can achieve competitive advantage by rapid organisational response to changing consumer demands. As well as examining operational functions of retailing, the course shows how the integration of marketing, buying and logistics functions drive the growth of retail organisations. The course also investigates future patterns for retail growth particularly in international/global retailing and in e-commerce.

Topics covered:

  • The changing retail environment.
  • Theories of retail change.
  • Retail strategy.
  • Managing the retail supply chain.
  • The development of retail marketing.
  • Retail buying in the twenty-first century.
  • Retail logistics.
  • Managing retail operations.
  • Adding value through customer service.
  • Retail selling.
  • Retail security.
  • Merchandising in retailing.
  • Managing the future.
  • The internationalization of retailing.
  • Electronic commerce and retailing.