MBA (General)

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Course Overview

The General MBA program is designed for business professionals and aids in the development of  knowledge and skills in fundamental management disciplines. The HWU General MBA provides a high degree of flexibility; students can customize their programmes according to their academic and professional interests through a variety of electives and courses. To obtain the MBA you must pass eleven courses. Students may choose any combination of courses at any time. As such, it is possible to do as little as one and as much as six (the maximum allowable) courses in any one year. Exemptions can be offered for courses based on the submission to EBS of the tertiary-level qualifications held and an assessment by that body.

Course Content

The programme offers general coverage of the key management disciplines, people skills,economics, marketing, accounting, finance, and project
management. Students are required to choose 9 courses
(7 compulsory and 2 from 13 options).

Key Programme Dates

There are two class periods for the programme each year – January to May and July to November. The respective registration deadlines are November 30 and May 30. Examinations are held in June and December.

Classes are held on Saturdays between 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.


Career after this programme

Graduates of the EBS General MBA can position themselves to move to a senior  management position in varied types of organizations. Graduates may also decide to use the skills learnt to establish a successful business entity, fostering wealth generation and entrepreneurship.

“…Though the EBS MBA curriculum was intense…the in class discussions and case studies provided the perfect platform for me to be able to apply what was being taught at work..”

Omar Grey  Proud EBS Graduate…Kingston Jamaica