Making Strategies Work

Making Strategies Work 2018-01-09T18:12:24+05:30

Today, a key preoccupation of executives in most organisations is how to make their intended strategies work in practice. There is no shortage of good strategic planning but the issues surrounding how to implement strategies are understood less well. This course explores the key challenges facing senior managers seeking to execute strategy. It introduces a practical and rigorous process to drive from conceptual plans through to the concrete actions that deliver results. Methods are also introduced to ensure that all managers shaping and delivering initiatives and projects can align activities with strategic objectives effectively. Key issues such as performance measurement, organisation structure and reward systems are also explored to show how they affect implementation. A detailed exploration of competitive advantage shows how strategy implementation affects strategic positioning and, ultimately, long-term competitiveness. An in-depth case study based on real business situations provides further insights into how to make strategies work in practice.

Topics covered

  • The strategy implementation age.
  • The Making Strategies Work process for linking strategy to action.
  • Organisational designs, processes and systems.
  • Using causality for aligning activities with objectives.
  • Competitive advantage and strategy implementation.