Financial Aid

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B&B University College is committed to helping our students in achieving their ultimate goals! Our Financial Aid Programme is similar to those offered at some universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. We have taken into consideration the fact that in these tough economic times paying for your tuition, examination fees and other associated cost for a higher education can prove to be very difficult.

As such, dedicated financial institutions have come on board to ensure that students; current, new, and returning are provided with the necessary assistance to achieve their ultimate educational goals.

 Financial aid can be obtained at Lasco Financial Services Smart Loan plans as well as Nation Growth Microfinance to assist students with financial difficulties with the aim that these needs are met in the best way possible.

B&B University College Financial Aid Programme (Lasco Financial)


· Must be gainfully employed (not on probation)

· Job Letter stating salary, position & length of employment

· Last three months’ pay slips

· Bank transaction statement (last six months’ transaction) Note: this is needed if you’re doing  a Direct debit payment

 · Character Reference (Justice of the Peace or high rank police officer)

 · Valid ID (Pass Port, DR. Licence or National ID)

 · One Passport size picture

 · Proof of address (recent utility bill)

Please note that the loan will be processed for approval when all the documents listed above have been submitted.

 B&B University College Financial Aid Programme (Nation Growth)

For more information on the loan application process please visit or email

B&B University College looks forward to your continued support and hopes that you will take the opportunity to ‘rise up to your potential’.