CAP Programme

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Is there a cost to register for the CAP?

There is no registration fee attached to the CAP Programme.

Are the examination fees included in the tuition fee?

The examination fee is not included in the tuition fee paid to the Institute. The examination fees for 2005 are: US$135 (IAAP non-members); US$110 (IAAP Members). Students will be duly advised of examination registration deadlines.

Can I apply for the CAP programme at any time?

The institution accepts applications for the CAP programme from February – July; and September – December annually.

When are the CAP exams?

Each year, the CAP exams are held on the first Friday and Saturday in May and November. Our programme is intended to prepare students for both the May and November Examinations.

When do classes begin?

Classes generally begin on the second Monday in January and August of each year. The 2005 programme dates are January 10th, – April 27th, 2005; and July 4th, – October 29th, 2005.

Are there any financial arrangements in place to assist students?

The institution offers flexible tuition payment plans to ease the financial burden of students. Students wishing to enter into such arrangements must do so in writing, outlining a payment schedule. Final approval is at the discretion of the Principal.