Association of Business Executives Short Course

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What is this about?

An ABE Short-Course is a four-month intermediate certificate course developed by the Association of Business Executives (ABE) in:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Project Management

Organisational Design and Performance

Leading Strategic Change

Innovation and Business Performance

 What is the ABE?

Based in England, the ABE is a qualification-awarding body that is regulated by The Office of Qualifications and Examination Regulations (please visit Ofqual here), the arm of the UK government that is responsible for the integrity of the qualifications awarded by British institutions.

The ABE has been awarding recognised and accredited qualifications for over 40 years.   They have developed these courses as a part of their graduate-level Diplomas (Level 6).   Even though it is part of the overall diploma, the courses are offered as stand-alone certificates which provides successful candidates with up to 25 university-level credits that are approved by Ofqual.

Who are these courses for?

The courses are aimed at a wide-cross section of persons who want more than a basic introduction to the areas.   This includes professionals looking to move up the career ladder by increasing their value to employers; entrepreneurs looking to minimize the wastage of their scarce resources; self-employed contractors (eg: consultants, construction professionals, lawyers) looking to increase the profitability of their engagements; managers looking to increase the productivity of their teams and the degree to which targets are met; individuals looking to start a business who want to ensure they know the right steps to follow; persons looking for university-level credits to meet their continuing education requirements;  and those seeking a preparatory project management course to qualify for the PMP exam.

 How will I benefit from an ABE course?

  • You get more for less with us. While other short-courses do not give you internationally-recognised credits, you receive 25 approved university-level credits if you successfully complete this course. We also provide you with soft copies of the Project Management study manual, white papers and presentation slides that you can keep for reference purposes
  • SAVE BIG! Similar courses can run you up to $200,000.00 – or MORE THAN 200% than the cost of our internationally-recognised programme
  • Get a certificate of completion from B&B and the ABE on completion. The ABE certificate can be added to your resume to show everyone your knowledge of the leading techniques in these areas
  • Develop your knowledge of leading management tools and techniques
  • Get more opportunities to network and learn from other professionals, both locally and internationally
  • Build your credibility as an expert in Project Management and facilitate faster career growth and progression!
  • “Recession-proof” your job by learning one of the most fundamental skills in organisations of all shapes, sizes and form

 How can I start a course?        

Space is limited so call 908-4810 or 620-995 NOW to register for the next semester!