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Even newsletter

Founded in 1854, The Watt Club is the oldest alumni association in the UK. Lifetime membership is automatic upon graduation from Heriot-Watt, and is free to all graduates of the University.

An international association

With several branches around the world, The Watt Club can help you keep in touch with Heriot-Watt alumni wherever your career takes you. We run a regular bulletin online which allows you to keep up with alumni worldwide and send our yearly magazine to graduates around the world.

A distinguished history

We are proud of our distinguished history, which stretches back over 150 years. Our Watt Club Medal and Prize continue a tradition of awarding Heriot-Watt’s most able students which has been part of the Club since its inception, and The Watt Club Council acts to ensure the voices of alumni continue to be heard for years to come.

Excellent graduate opportunities

We work to provide our alumni with opportunities throughout their lives through several initiatives including:

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