Alliances and Partnerships

Alliances and Partnerships 2018-01-09T18:12:23+05:30

Alliances and partnerships are becoming increasingly popular in a range of industries and sectors. Strategic alliances offer the potential advantages of combining resources and sharing customer bases without the potential disadvantages of control dilution and cultural resistance. Strategic alliances can quickly establish formidable business groupings that are flexible and responsive and where the interests of the individual partners are reflected in the interests of the alliance as a whole.

Any proposed alliance or partnership has to generate the potential to add value. The alliance must contribute towards the strategic objectives of the organisations, and the likely outcomes of the alliance must be properly aligned to the required strategic outcomes of those organisations. Finally the alliance has to be made to work. A strategic alliance can be planned and executed systematically using project management tools and techniques.

Topics covered:

  • Background to alliances and partnerships.
  • Alliances and the value chain.
  • Strategic focus and strategic drift.
  • Alliance and partnership risk.
  • Partner selection.
  • Forming the alliance.
  • Making alliances and partnerships work.