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The History of B & B University College, Ltd

Established in 1984, B&B University College is a private, tertiary-level educational institution providing quality career and professional development training in a variety of fields. We have pioneered the introduction of several courses to Jamaica, and have developed a track-record of success. Our history has been marked by the achievement of several milestones, including:

1984:     Began operations with the CPS Programme;

1994:     Over 1,000 students passed through doors in ten years;

1997:     Certified as a ‘Tertiary-Level Institution’ by the University Council of   Jamaica;

1998:     Became member of the Joint Committee on Tertiary Education;

1999:     Assessed and approved by the University of the West Indies to offer their Certificate in Management Studies programme.

2001:     Pioneered introduction of Senior Professional in Human Resources and Certified Information Systems Auditor professional exam-review courses in Jamaica.

2004:     Participated in the drafting of the ‘National Policy on Tertiary Education in Jamaica’.

2005:     Assessed and met criteria of the prestigious Heriot-Watt University for the conduct of their Management degree programmes.

2007:     HWU programmes expanded to include Edinburgh Business School MBA programmes.

2009:     Programme range further expanded with addition of University of London management degrees and HWU Construction Management programmes.

2010:     HWU Offerings expanded to include the Psychology Programme.

Quality Assurance

The issue of quality is central to the operations of educational institutions at all levels today. B&B is under the jurisdiction of the University Council of Jamaica(UCJ), the public regulatory body that is charged with assessing and approving tertiary institutions who wish to operate in Jamaica. The UCJ monitors issues of quality in institutions and courses, and grants accreditation certificates for a specified period based on their findings.

Within BBUC, quality is the direct responsibility of an Academic Manager who is charged with setting, monitoring and reporting on standards related to course content and delivery. These standards cover issues such as contact hours, qualifications and experience of lecturers, reference material, tuition methods and student support services. Assessment against these standards is done once per year, or more often as the needs dictate. Feedback on quality is also measured by the administration of a student satisfaction questionnaire at least twice per year to students. The responses obtained are analyzed and reported on, with changes effected as a direct result of the feedback received.

The various institutions with whom we maintain links also carry out Quality Assurance examinations on the delivery of their programmes.


The mission of BBUC is to provide the means through which individuals can achieve personal and professional transformation and growth.   We will do so by facilitating their acquisition of quality, globally-respected and recognised tertiary qualifications and the continuous development of management and business-services skills.