ABE Diploma Programmes

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Are these Diplomas accredited by the University Council of Jamaica?

The ABE Diplomas offered by B&B Institute are accredited by the UCJ.

Is there a cost to register for these programmes?

There is no registration fee applied to the ABE Diploma Programmes.

Can I apply for entry to either Diploma programme at any time?

The application periods for the ABE Diploma Programmes are: February – August, (1st Semester); and September – January (2nd Semester).

Are examination fees included in the tuition cost?

Overseas examination fees are not included in the tuition fees paid to B&B Institute. ABE Diploma candidates must register with the ABE for the Exams – Registration fee is ₤35. Students are also charged ₤25 to sit each paper. (subject to change) Please consult your registration package for examination registration deadlines.

When are the final examinations for the Diploma Programmes?

Exams for the Diploma Programme are held annually in December and June.

Are the examinations held at B&B Institute?

Examinations for the ABE Diplomas are conducted independently of the institution and are not held at its Carlton Crescent location. Students will receive notification of the location of the examination in their ‘Examination Docket’, received directly from ABE.

Are all nine modules compulsory for the ABE Diplomas?

ABE Diploma in Business Administration students must complete the following core subjects: Economics; Organisational Behaviour; Accounting; Business Communication; Marketing; HRM; Quantitative Methods; and Managerial Accounting. Students must also choose one of the following: Principles of Business Law or Systems Analysis.

Does the ABE grant exemptions from any of its courses?

The ABE does not grant exemptions from any courses required for the award of either Diploma.

Can students apply to the Student’s Loan Bureau for funding?

At the moment, students cannot receive funding from the Student’s Loan Bureau.

Are there any other financial arrangements in place to assist students?

The institution offers flexible tuition payment plans to ease the financial burden of students. Students wishing to enter into such arrangements must do so in writing, outlining a payment schedule. Final approval is at the discretion of the Principal.

What can I do with an ABE Diploma?

An ABE Diploma confers the holder with sixty college credits. An ABE Diploma can be used to matriculate into various Undergraduate Degree Programmes, whether locally or internationally. Please follow this link to view the list of Universities at which the ABE Diploma can be used to gain entry: www.abeuk.com


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