City & Guilds Diploma Programmes

The C&G Diploma Programme are British  diploma qualifications that are at the same level as an American-style Associate Degree.  The C&G diplomas on offer at B&B are

  1. a)Telecommunication
  2. b)Social Media
  3. c)Digital Marketing

Students must have five CSEC subjects to enter the programme, inclusive of mathematics and English Language.  Each diploma consists of two stages spread out over two years.

On completion of the first year (Stage I), persons receive a “Certificate” that qualifies them to enter the second year (Stage II) of the progamme. On completion of Stage II, persons receive their specialist diplomas and may qualify to enter into the second year of university programmes.

These would include both local and international universities such as the  University of the West Indies, The University of Technology, Northern Caribbean University, University College of the Caribbean ,and our international partners such as Heriot-Watt University, University of Northampton, the Association of Business Executives and other international universities. The features and benefits of the C&G programme means that the time-span to get an internationally recognized and respected degree may be as little as  four years for persons with 5 CSEC.


The Telecommunications programs offer worthwhile options to students who desire introductory coursework and training. The programme is designed for students who hope to develop the skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions in the telecommunications industry. Stage I encourage students to learn and develop a working knowledge of telecommunications systems, technical skills, engineering, and other related skills. By gaining basic knowledge and developing key skills, recipients can enjoy various opportunities for employment in this field. Stage II of the programme delve deeper into the core skills and theories utilized in the telecommunications industry, and may also include more general education courses as well. Students gain basic knowledge and develop a firm grasp on telecommunications systems, technologies, and innovations. Graduates of this programme will have various entry-level career options in the telecommunications field. The course will have a duration of two years, and will award a Level 3 & 4 Diploma certificate from City & Guilds.


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